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My Apps Secure Sign-in Extension
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My Apps Secure Sign-in Extension

Chrome Extension for Launching Specific Applications: My Apps

Looking for a way to protect your privacy and secure your passwords? Check out these top Chrome extensions for password and privacy protection. With these extensions, you can enhance your Chrome browser's privacy settings and keep your information secure.

Secure Chrome Extensions for Password and Privacy Protection

One of the best Chrome extensions for password and privacy protection is the Chrome Password Manager Extension. This extension allows you to store and manage your passwords securely, ensuring that your online accounts are protected. With features like strong encryption and password generation, you can trust that your passwords are safe.

Another great option is the Secure Browsing Extension. This extension enhances your browsing experience by blocking malicious websites and protecting your privacy. It offers features like ad blocking, tracker blocking, and HTTPS encryption, ensuring that your online activities are secure.

If you're looking for comprehensive privacy protection, consider using a privacy extension like Privacy Manager. This extension allows you to customize your privacy settings and control what information websites can access. With features like cookie control and tracking protection, you can take control of your online privacy.

For added password protection, you can use the Password Protection Extension. This extension adds an extra layer of security to your Chrome browser by requiring a password to access certain websites or apps. It's a great way to protect sensitive information and prevent unauthorized access.

With these Chrome extensions, you can enhance your privacy and protect your passwords. Take control of your online security and enjoy a safer browsing experience.

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Sign in directly into applications from the application's login page

Launch any application through the search bar

Find shortcuts to your recently used applications and customize the number of recently used applications saved

Access internal company URLs while remote

Requires specific applications at https://myapps.microsoft.com

Dependent on third-party software

125 reviews
13 Reviews For This Extension
Julian Castro

recent apps not working

Pike Lin

Even worse than just bookmark the app

Dave Hope

Pointless now you can no longer launch an app from the plugin.

Felipe Brito

Bring back the "recently used apps" from the drop-down, otherwise it's pratically useless the extension.


Another long time user in an IT department that would like the recent apps to come back to the extension drop down. We instructed users to use this as a simple way to access enterprise apps, why would you remove that?

Ben Radzunas

Just adding to the list of dissatisfied users. Bring back the recently used apps from the drop-down, please. Why would such a useful tool be taken away? Who asked for that?

Todd Wilfling

No longer shows recent apps or search without going to the website.

Sergio Valentini

Useless. I can't believe this is a Microsoft product, or can I?

Arthur Badalyan

Missing the ability to quickly access applications through the expansion. The extension has lost its meaning.

Roy Cohen

Why would you implement such a useless version of the extension. Broken for over a month now. Broke DNS rewrite No longer can pin 3 favorites Seriously who QA'ed this work!? Stop rebranding stuff and focus on making things better, not worse.

David Di Certo

Totaly useless and broken. Best to put the URL myapps.microsoft.com in your favorites. 1 star for This apps is really too much !!

Mizzter Back

Used to be great, was able to select apps directly from extension. I am surprised Microsoft hasn't looked at the reviews and brought that feature back. Disappointed

Lionell Pack

Used to be great. Now basically useless. Bring back the ability to search for and launch apps directly from the addon's dropdown!

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